25 June 2021 – Consul General Arvin de Leon visited Tekirdağ on 24 June 2021 to call on the province’s governor,  business community, and immigration officials.  

CG de Leon called on Tekirdağ Governor Aziz Yıldırım who emphasized the potentials of economic and educational cooperation with the Philippines. CG de Leon then met the head of the provincial İmmigration Administration, Mr. Ömer Gümüs, with whom matters which would most possibly involve Filipinos were also raised. There are presently 12 Filipinos residing and working in Tekirdağ

The visit of CG de Leon to Tekirdağ would not be complete without meeting officials of the Tekirdağ Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The business group’s President, Mr. Cengiz Günay, discussed with CG de Leon various trade and investment exchange possibilities with the Philippine business sector. Tekirdag ranks among the top exporting cities in Turkey, hosting around 14 industrial zones in its territory.

The visit to Tekirdağ was the 5th province outside İstanbul that was visited by CG de Leon in line with the efforts of the Philippine Consulate General to link up with the officials and the business sectors of the eleven (11) provinces under its jurisdiction. END