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In emergency situations where there is a need for urgent travel to the Philippines, a Travel Document may be issued to a Filipino citizen returning to the Philippines who is not in possession of his/her passport, pursuant to Sec.13 of R.A.8239. The Travel Document once issued must be used for return to travel to the Philippines within its limited period of validity, the original of which must be presented to the Department of Foreign Affairs in Manila when the applicant applies for the issuance of a new passport booklet.

Depending on the circumstances of the emergency, the following general requirements will have to be submitted by the applicant:


Filipino Tourist / Temporary Visitor who lost / misplaced his or her passport while travelling abroad

  1. Police report issued by local authorities, with English translation if printed in any other foreign language.
  2. Affidavit of loss (to be accomplished at the Consular Section) detailing the events that led to the passport being lost or misplaced.
  3. Proof of Philippine citizenship (i.e. photocopy of lost passport / PSA birth certificate / PHL government-issued ID indicating citizenship as Filipino)
  4. Clear photocopy of return ticket to the Philippines.
  5. Recently taken passport-size color photograph (3 pcs)


Applicant who has an urgent travel to the Philippines due to family emergency whose Philippine passport has recently expired

  1. Affidavit to explain the nature of the emergency that necessitates immediate travel to the Philippines with supporting document (as applicable).
  2. Clear photocopy of last Philippine passport issued by the Philippine government.
  3. Recently taken passport-size color photograph (3 pcs)
  4. Any other documents that the Consulate General deems necessary to establish the identity with the applicant.