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How to File

Petitions for clerical / typographical error under Republic Act No. 9048 should be accomplished accurately and properly in the prescribed form. It should be subscribed and sworn to by the filing party before a person authorized to administer oaths. The petitioner must clearly explain the merits of the petition, the facts about the record for correction and the competency of the petitioner. To support the petition, other records and authentic documents must be presented to demonstrate the correct fact or detail that needs to be amended in the civil registry document.

The petitioner (or his/her duly-appointed legal representative) should appear in person and submit his/her documents for evaluation and assessment at the Consular Section of the consulate.


Basic Requirements

Prepare the following in three sets:

  1. Duly filled-out and notarized petition form (available from the Consular Section / or downloadable here)
  2. PSA-authentic copy or certified machine copy of the civil registry document containing the alleged erroneous entry or entries
  3. Two or more support documents  for reference*. (Foreign-sourced documents must be duly authenticated/verified and must have an English translation if written in any other foreign language.)

*: The Consul General may require presentation of other documents depending on his/her evaluation of the petition.

 Filing Fee

USD 50. Filing fee is subject to change depending on prevailing schedule of fees of the consulate and other government regulations. Please refer to the latest schedule of fees published in this web site for the most recent information.


Supporting Documents

Support documents will largely depend on the nature of the clerical/typographical error sought for correction. The petition will only be considered if the petitioner submits at least two public or private documents upon which the correction shall be based. Examples of these kind of documents are the following:

  • baptismal certificate
  • voter's affidavit
  • employment records
  • GSIS/SSS records
  • driver's license
  • school transcript
  • land titles
  • NBI clearance
  • bank records
  • civil registry documents of ascendants / siblings / etc
  • other applicable documents