20 August 2021 – The Department of Foreign Affairs – Overseas Voting Secretariat (DFA OVS) reminds all overseas Filipinos that the deadline for transferring overseas voter records  back to the Philippines is on 31 August 2021. 

Meanwhile, Filipinos who will be abroad from 10 April – 09 May 2022 are encouraged to  register as overseas voters before the 30 September 2021 registration deadline. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Filipinos who are experiencing difficulties travelling to the  nearest Philippine Embassy or Consulate for voter registration/ voter record concerns may  avail of the COMELEC-Office for Overseas Voting’s (OFOV) Virtual Frontline Services (VFS).  The VFS, however, pertains only to transactions where the applicant has existing voter  registration records with complete biometric data such as: 

  1. Certification as an overseas voter (this pertains to those who have existing voter  records in the Philippines and are now applying to vote abroad); 
  2. Reactivation of Overseas Voter Registration Records (OVRRs); 
  3. Updating of addresses and contact information; and 
  4. Transfer of voting records between different international locations and from overseas  back to the Philippines. 

Interested VFS applicants can fill up their application form (OVF-1) by using the i-Rehistro  system on COMELEC’s website and submit the  scanned copy of their duly accomplished OVF-1 to COMELEC-OFOV: 

  • by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • by Facebook Messenger via

Upon receipt of the application, COMELEC-OFOV will schedule a videoconference with the  applicant for identity verification and oath taking.  

However, new registrants as overseas voters and those whose biometric data have yet to be  captured are required to set an appointment and personally appear at their nearest Embassy  or Consulate. The directory of Philippine Embassies and Consulates may be accessed  through this link:

Let’s continue to strengthen our democracy. It’s our right and duty. REGISTER AND VOTE!  – END