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As a general rule, temporary visitors applying for an entry visa to the Philippines are issued a single-entry category 9A visa endorsing a 30-day period of stay. The single-entry visa is valid for a period of three (3) months from the date of issue.

Foreign nationals that need multiple-entry visa as a temporary visitor can lodge their applications following the requirements for Temporary Visitors, submit the additional documents for cases listed below and pay the corresponding multiple-entry visa application fees. The validity of the multiple-entry visa can either be six (6) months or twelve (12) months. 


The approval of the multiple-entry 9A visa is obtained from authorities in Manila. The visa applicant may have to wait for approximately 30-90 days for the necessary approval to be given to the Philippine Consulate in Istanbul. The issuance of a prior multiple-entry visa does not guarantee approval for a new multiple-entry visa as each application is evaluated and considered based on its own merit.


For Multiple-Entry 9A Visa Due to Business and/or Commerce

  1. Request letter (in English) signed by the visa applicant addressed to the Consul General, explaining the need for a multiple-entry visa supported by any of the following, whichever is applicable:
  1. A letter from the sending company in Istanbul that lists the dates of company-related travel of the visa applicant explaining the nature of the business trip; or
  2. A notarized letter from the business partner in the Philippines supporting the visa application and explaining the necessity for frequent travel to the Philippines by the visa applicant.


For Multiple-Entry 9A Visa for Frequent Family Visits

  1. Request letter by the Filipino spouse addressed to the Consul General supporting the multiple-entry temporary visitor visa application of the foreign spouse.
  2. Photocopy of the Filipino spouse's valid PHL passport.
  3. Proof of family relations as recorded in the Philippine civil registry (PSA or NSO Marriage Contract / Report of Marriage / etc ).


For Multiple-Entry 9A Visa for Frequent Visits to a Relative Studying in the Philippines

  1. Notarized request letter from the foreign national studying in the Philippines addressed to the Consul General, providing his/her residence address, contact details and other particulars, justifying the need for frequent visits by the visa applicant.
  2. Photocopy of the passport with 9F visa of the foreign student studying in the Philippines.
  3. Certificate of enrollment in degree program from Philippine learning institution or university.
  4. Proof of family relations. This document must have an English translation if written in any other language.


Other Cases for  Multiple-Entry 9A Visa for Frequent Travel to the Philippines

  1. (If applicable), submit a notarized support/request letter from the endorsing Philippine national addressed to the Consul General, providing his/her residence address, contact details and other particulars, justifying the need for frequent visits by the visa applicant.
  2. Qualified documents to support the need for frequent travel of the foreign national to the Philippines. If submitting foreign documents, it must have an official English translation and must be duly certified/attested by a qualified authority.
  3. Proof of relationship (if applicable).
  4. Other documents as may be deemed necessary by the Philippinc consul upon assessment of the application.